Double Action Door Pressure Gauge

$ 48.00

This Door Pressure Gauge has Push-Pull capability and measures forces from 0-35 pounds on one side and 0-16 kilograms on the other. If you do not take metric measurements, we suggest that you cut away the metric numbers to prevent confusion in the field.

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Operation Instructions:

1. Set the top (small) "o" ring located on the plunger rod on zero, down against the instrument's flange, or on desired maximum force.

2. Holding the instrument firmly, press slowly against a given door at a point approximately handle-high and 30 inches toward the handle from the door's hinges.

3. Read the amount of force required to open the door on the plunger scale closest to the bottom of the small "o" ring.

View the "How to Use the Pressure Gauge Tool" Video on Corada!